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The purpose of this page is to quickly compare the ship weapons that are available in Star Citizen.
On this page, you can compare ship weapon sizes, damage, capacity, firing rate, velocity, as well as how often a weapon overheats.
Each of the columns are sortable. Both the weapon size and damage type can be filtered for easier comparisons.
Velocity - the speed at which the ammunition travels when the weapon is fired.
Range - the maximum distance between you and your target that your pips will begin to appear to allow you to aim at the ship you're targeting.
Ammo Type - The type of damage that the weapon does.
Rounds - the maximum amount of ammunition that a ship can hold (ballistic weapons only).
Shots per Minute - the amount of times you can fire the weapon in one minute.
Damage per Hit - the amount of damage the weapon does each time it hits the target.
DPS Base - the damage per second that the weapon does without taking into account cooling and overheating.
DPS 60s (no CD) - the damage per second when firing the weapon for 60 seconds straight, without allowing it to cool down.
Overheat Time - the amount of time you can fire the weapon before it overheats.

Note: Clicking on the name of a ship weapon will open a new tab with the weapon's Electronic Access (REC) page on the Star Citizen (RSI) website.
Weapon Size ▲ Velocity Range Ammo Type Rounds Shots per
per Hit
DPS 60s
(no CD)
WEAK Laser Cannon 1 1900 1805 Energy 120 71.75 143.50 109.67 24.06 sec
Omnisky III Laser Cannon 1 1794 1650 Energy 100 86.70 144.50 107.67 21.70 sec
NN-13 Neutron Cannon 1 1600 1440 Energy 95 96.00 152.00 114.00 23.47 sec
M3A Laser Cannon 1 1958 1821 Energy 140 65.46 152.75 113.75 23.00 sec
9-Series Longsword 1 1650 1403 Ballistic 400 110 85.77 157.25 116.17 23.51 sec
CF-007 Bulldog Repeater 1 1800 1440 Energy 325 29.08 157.50 116.00 18.46 sec
Suckerpunch Distortion Cannon 1 1900 1672 Distortion 105 113.14 198.00 148.50 24.13 sec