Welcome to Wipefest

Welcome to Wipefest.com!

Star Citizen content now available. Second Life content coming soon.

I will be adding more content when I can. For right now, I have posted some helpful information on Star Citizen. If you are new to Star Citizen, you should find our site useful.

For example, if you want some information on the flyable ships and their purposes, check out our ship information page where you can see how much each ship costs, the maximum crew that each ship can have, the amount of cargo that a ship can carry, as well as the ship's intended purpose.

I have also posted some screenshots of what the current flyable ships will look like on your radar on the ship identification page. On that particular page, I also provide an explanation of what ships to look out for - like the torpedo ships - as well as a brief description of what capabilities each ship has.

Perhaps the most important page on this whole site is the ship weapons page. On that page, I list all of the weapons in sortable columns. There are also filters to help you decide on a weapon. The most important column on that page has the velocities of each weapon. You should make sure that every weapon that you put on your ship has a similar velocity. This will help you make certain that your pips are properly aligned (the pips are like the aiming system in Star Citizen).